Centurion Organisation is an International Face to Face Marketing agency established in 2006 in Kuala Lumpur.

We work with National and International brands and we specialize in On Ground Activation (O.G.A ).


In last 10 years we have expanded to 14 branch offices and currently work in Malaysia and The Philippines.

Why we exist as an organisation?

 One word that describes our organisation is “Opportunity’.

The Opportunities we provide for our Brand Ambassadors, Clients and customers.

Career Advancement Program

Brand Ambassadorship: 

Every Business Assosciate who works in our company we don’t treat them like just employees. We treat and respect them as our Business Associates and provide them Business Advancement Program (B.A.P) as part their career progression.

Business Ownership

Owner Partnership

Assistant Ownership

Senior Team Leadership

Team Leadership


Business Associate

We believe in Training and Performance as a company. B.A.P is purely based on performance and there is no seniority or juniority.

What we do for our clients ?

We specialize in On Ground Activation (O.G.A). For our national and international clients we are considered to be On Ground Activators. We take our clients products and services directly to customers and through our unique Face to Face Marketing methods we:




What Training program do you provide ?

We provide Strucutured Training program. Most of the Business Associates who currently work in our organisation don’t come from Sales or Marketing or Business background. We have Business Associates who used to be Ex Chefs, Fresh Graduates, Ex Police offices etc.

What makes your Training program stand out?

Everyone Business Associate in our company gets a Personal Trainer. So not only we provide training, we also provide a Trainer.

Training is conducted by Top Management team of the company ( Managing Director, Assistant Owners etc )

Do you have Travel Opportunities ? 

  • Yes 100% and we travel a lot
  • We have Domestic trips within Malaysia
  • We also provide International Training Program ( I.T. P) where we select the best performers and travel to our Associate offices around the world for exposure
With our unique practical on job training we have helped 100’s of Buisness Associates to be part of Business Associate Program (B. A.P)


100%. As a Business Associate we don’t discriminate whether you are a Fresh Graduate or someone with experience. As long as you have hit the performance standards in our company then you are entitled for your  Career Advancement. Find out more regarding Career Advancement during your appointment.

No you cannot. Everyone in our company starts in Sales and Marketing work towards Management. Even our Managing Director started in Sales and Marketing and that is where you learn your practical knowledge so that in Management you can teach that to your team. Many people don’t like Sales and Marketing but if it is for Short term why not?

As a company we select the best performers for our International Trips and we pay for it.

We are flexible as a company. Some of our Business Associates work with us Short term and some Long term. Please speak to the manager regarding this during your appointment.

Every individual has a right to express their own opinion online. We are not a perfect company. We work with the best of the best clients globally and that says a lot about who we are as a company. Either you can read online something by someone ( we don’t event know who they are) or you can come and find out more information and the truth. You can believe what you see through your own eyes.

We have lot of success stories where Fresh graduates started with us and thrived. Whether you are looking for a short term or a long term career path you can expect the following:
  •  Boost in Self Confidence
  • Good Work Ethics
  • Practical Applied knowledge in Sales, Marketing and Leadership
  • Confident in Public speaking
  • Strong Customer service skills

No. We take pride in provide the best training for our Business Associates and we provide it for free.

Not really. If you have any relavant Marketing or Business experience then it can be an added advantage but it is not necessary because we provide complete in house training for our Business Associates and also a personal trainer to assist you.

Eric Lim

Senior Team Leader

As a Fresh Graduate from UK, Eric opened up his own Chinese restaurant in UK along with his brother and made it a successful venture. Because of parents health, Eric decided to move back to Malaysia and take care of his parents in KL. Eric who started as a Brand Ambassador from get go was a natural leader and sales came very easy to him. Eric is one of the pioneer in launching B2B marketing channel in Malaysia with our organisation. His never give up attitude has helped Eric to get promoted to Senior Team Leader and he is working towards his Ownership promotion in Q2,2017. Eric's business plan is to help our organisation's growth into East Malaysia market and with his team wants to pioneer in opening Kuching and KK in 2018.

Vishnu Annapareddy

Vishnu Annapareddy

Founder & Managing Director

Vishnu's first job was in Mc Donald's as a service crew while the second one was as a dish washer in an Indian restaurant in Australia. After graduating as an Information Technology graduate from the University of Canberra, Australia, he ventured into Marketing world with zero experience. When you have fire in the belly and you are hungry for success you can make dreams come true. Same was true in Vishnu's case. After working for 2 years, Vishnu set up his own business in Australia and then expanded it to Malaysia and The Philippines. Currently he is involved in Centurion Organisation growth in Malaysia, The Philippines and also is a public speaker at various business conferences and symposiums around the world. He is a testimony of what every ordinary person from humble beginnings can achieve if they put their mind and heart to it. To know more about Vishnu follow him on Facebook: CenturionVish Instagram: @Centurionvish LinkedIn : Vishnu Annapareddy

Pen Yip Peng ( Ice )

Pen Yip Peng ( Ice )

Ice had more than 10 years experience in real world before she walked into our company for an appointment as a Brand Ambassador. Even though she had marketing experience under belt, Sales, Recruitment and Management were new skills that she wanted acquire. Within first few months she became Sales champion in the office and started working towards developing and managing a team. With hard work and persistence she got promoted to Assistant Owner and has opened up a new office in Johor Bahru. Ice personal goal is to travel the world and also to take care of her mother. Since she started working with Centurion Organisation, Ice has travelled to The Philippines, South Korea and France as part of company's International Training program.

Zoe Manginamutan

Zoe Manginamutan

Owner Partner

Administration was the only experience Zoe had before she started with us. No Sales No Marketing. She struggled in sales in her first 2 weeks. But she is a fighter. Not only she mastered sales but Zoe became our Sales Champion within the first quarter. Zoe is our pioneer to start B2B in The Philippines and now she has built her entire office in B2B marketing channel. Zoe is finanacially helping her sister's university education and at the same time she is the bread winner in her family. Recently Zoe took her family for a holiday to Hong Kong to celebrate Christmas and New Year. Zoe's story is an inspiration to everyone. If you have nothing but immense faith and hard work to support your dreams there is nothing called impossible. Zoe is an example for every fresh graduate who should dare to dream big and make your dreams become reality.